Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sway with me...

It always takes me ages to find this video... now i share it here :)

Only you have that magic technique! ;)

Monday, February 15, 2010

The mathematical formula of happiness

I know it has been a long time :)
No excuse, just life was running with me :)
I dont even know the last time, i wrote here sth...

I am reading a lot - actually, i was even thinking of opening an other blog - and there only writing about the books i read and the impacts, the thoughts.

Well... where to start?
If you have'nt seen the movie from Nick Cassavetes - My sister's keeper - than you should defintily watch it!


I read one of the review where they were mentioning Nick Cassavetes - as the living advertisement of Kleenex...

Well... for sure, I was crying like an idiot while I was watching that movie.
From the 3rd minutes of the movie... during the whole time...
There were several parts, I had to watch again, as i missed it while i was crying like a baby.

Than, I learnt, that this movie is based on the book from Jodi Picoult.
No need for more, I went to one of the nglish bookstores here, and wanted to buy it...
Then, i learnt, she has already written some other best sellers.

Her novels are real page-turners, and also her style is to pick a moral question, which should be from the beginning very black and white... than she manages to twist the characters, the story lines, the relationships in a way, that it shadows everything grey...

Now, I am reading her novel, titled Nineteen minutes.
It is about a teenage boy, who shooted 10 people in one of his schoolday.
No need to say, this book is full of surprises, and i am always trying to swallow back my tears...

In this novel, i read an interesting thing: about the mathematical formula of happiness.
At that point, i had to stop to comb through this theory. I surfed a little bit on the net, and - as unbeliveable as it is - i found several different formulas.
Apperantly, scientists wants to put everything in equatation.
(I found also an article about a mathmatical formula of LOVE - this formula tried to modelize different scenarios of love - depending on how much emotion/romance is involved, also, running the logic in case of 1 mistress or even in case of more... Twisted minds...)

Anyway,s back to the mathematical formula of happiness.

The main ones:
H = R/E
That is:
Happiness = Reality / Expectations

So, to increase one being happy, you need to either improve your present, or lower your expectations. :)

Bulit by a similar logic:
H = R/N
Happiness = Resources / Needs

H = S + C + V
Happiness = Biological set + Conditions + Voluntary activities

Happiness = P + 5XE + 3XH

For this, we need a simple paper and pen - you need to answer 4 simple question by scoring each according to how true is it for you: 1 - being not at all - 10 totally true for me

1. Are you outgoing, energetic, flexible and open to change?
2. Do you have a positive outlook, bounce back quickly from setbacks and feel that you are in control of your life?
3. Are your basic life needs met, in relation to personal health, finance, safety, freedom of choice and sense of community?
4. Can you call on the support of people close to you, immerse yourself in what you are doing, meet your expectations and engage in activities that give you a sense of purpose?

- add the score of the first 2 questions - the result will be "P"
- the 3rd question stands for "E"
- 4th one for "H"

So, now, put the numbers there:
Happiness = P + 5XE + 3XH
Max is 100.

What is your score? :) How happy are you?

Btw... I dont know, if it is only me... but 5XE - i could read it as SEX ;)

So here is my - very scientific formula -

H = F + S + S + M

Happines = Friends + Snow + Sun + Mountains ;)
Based on my last weekend - in France.
Oh boy! What a weekend! :)
More picture to come - once i also get them from the main organizer :)

Stay tuned.. I feel more active for further notes :)


Sunday, November 8, 2009


October is always the worst - but still somehow the best - period during the year.
Let me explain.

October is the busiest, we are closing the old fiscal year, and starting the new one. This means, we have to prepare for the sales letters to be released before end of November.
This year, however, we had an even more agressive readiness plan, countries have 3 weeks to release the letters to the sales force.

On the other hand though, this rush, the stress, the ongoing movements, the long office hours (with ordering pizza in), the continous phonecalls, meetings, trackings, that's what it all makes it so great.
Ok, I am not saying that it is not awful, but i like it... i like it more comparing to the days when there is nothing good to do.

So, work.
October is all about work.
I had my 4th contract started Noember. It was uncertain what i am going to do after December.

I went to interiews, I got job offers, in poland, in Wien, in Ireland... not just from HP, but from companies outside...
There was also one quite good and serious in Geneva too...

Everybody was suggesting me, i should just go for it, and leave HP behind...
Howev,er somehow, i just can not do that.
It is a love&hate relationship.
Sometimes I could just stand up and run away, leave my boss behind, and leave the whole thing in a deep shit... but who deosn't feel it from time to time at work?

It is however strange, I admit, that they first can not offer me any position. Than - out of nowhere - exceptionally, I could get a contract for 2 months! 2 months!!! I am that idiot that i take it, so yes, i deserve what i get.
Than, they offered me a position in Poland!!???!!
In Poland?? I mean, why not than back in Hungary???
What's the difference?? Seriously... They thought I would take everything...

Than, exactly on the same day when i had my extrnal interview, and it was obvious that they want me and i also liked them a lot, on exactly that day, my boss was telling me, that ever since he otld me there is no way i can stay with this team, he was devasteted, and he was so sad, so he was fighting for me, for me to stay... so i should be happy and grateful, that he was fighting for me a lot... as a headcount..


so, those political games.. i dont like...
you are either good at what you do or not.
the rest is politics.. which.. unfortunatly.. part of the game.
So yes.. don't hate the players, hate the game...
it is a vicious circle, the players determine the game...

anyways, if recent hirings happens.. than life will be very very strange at work..
And i keep on asking myself what did i do.. why did i deserve that?
If that is charma.. than i really should apologize for all my mistakes...

But... bottomline is: I accepted the 2 year contract, I am happy. but also I think this is the minimun, and i think of it as an other chance, an opportunity to finish and accomplish my goals, why i came to switzerland at the first place. (hm. afterall, sth sticked out of those aiesec years... ;))

Also, October was special, as my childhood friend (our friendship just turned 18.. ;)) and her boyfriend visited me :)
It was so good to see them.

And you know, when you are spending lots of times with married people, you keep on thinking marriage is missing from your life, than when you are spending lots of times with single ones, you keep on thinking, partying is cool...anyways, so it was just great to see them together, couple. spenidng some really good time together... having fun, long discussions.. so yes, it was fun :)
Missed you Reka!!!! Can't wait for that hot wine... ;)

Guess what... : Gruyeres... love that place ;)
I have been there like 6 times.. or more :)


Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer...

Somehow, this is the song that pops in my mind about September...

And of course my mother's birthday
and the palinka festival at home ;)

But still...
you wish the summer could always be here...

But, during the autumn, we went to hiking, Zermatt, Gelmersee and other wonderful places in this amazing place - Switzerland... ;)

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Hahahaha ;)
August an other trip.. GREECE!
With my tripod stool! ;)
Love them!!! ;)

I don't even know what can I say...
It started with a 1 hour delay at the airport...
but even before.. there were signs - bunch of signs- that this holiday is a bad idea...
As if we were playing with our charma...
Train - bus issues before traveling, accommodation in Crete (don't ask...), Saloniki instead of Athens, everything ,everything showed this holiday will be a disaster.

But, of course, knowing 3 of us.. it is impossible.
We did have our downtimes, however, the whole week was just amazing.
The sea, the whole adventure, the FOOD, Pavlos, the restaurant owner, Skiathos, above all Skiathos... it was amazing ;)
To sum up:
"Raise your hands... it's more fun that way"

Despite of the break up&the change we all went through, best tripod ever...

And hey, friends are those, who will bring the spade to dig, in case you want to hide something... but also friends are those, who tells you to stop if there is a slippery slope and you lost control! They are the real friends, because they want you to grow...
they might shock you at first by telling you the truth that deep down you knew as well, just somehow didn't want to realize, but later -if you are not that stubborn - you do realize who is right. ;)

I do want to repeat it... ;)

Can't wait for December, for an extended fivesome ;)


Hello, hello...

Yes, I am sill alive.. i know i haven't been active for ... erhm... 4 months!!!

Sorry for that.. really...
it was just summer time, than a little crisis, i had to get through, but now it is all settled, i am fine, just fine.
So, november Saurday night, and i am at home as a couchpotato.. even if my friends try to convince me to get my big ass out for a few drinks.. but there is no such a thing as "just for 1 drink...".

so, instead, i can write until Megavideo lets me in again to watch Lie to me... (10 more minutes.. ;))

July - was amazing...

I went to TUNISIA!!!!

It was sooo great! I really missed Julia, and it was soo great to see her, catch up on 7 months of dramas, funny and hialrious stories, gossips, work and everything. I missed that a lot.
And, of course, I needed that couple of days alone, out of Europe. ;)

Arrived Thrusday night, went for the best choxcoale thing in Tunis, tried to talk a little, but some guy was hiting on us - Julia was extra cool - as usual, so it was fun ;)

Than Friday, the girls went to work, I stayed at home a little, than decided to go to do some siteseeing.

Well.. i felt like "Szucsi vagyok Dombovarrol"...
Like when a little girl from a village ends up in the capital, gets out of a taxi and looks up and around -. all surrounded by skyscrapers...
Only that in Tunis, I was surrounded by yellow cabs, arab people, arab culture.
Still it was fun.
Of course julia told me everybody goona ripp me off, as it is sooo bovious that i am a stupid naiv tourist, who doesn't even speak french... ;)
However, what they didn't know is... that i got trained in Morocco. ;)
I was acing so cool :)
at least that's what i thought... anyways..
unis was fun and i was nice.

Than in the evening, we went for a party at Julia's friends place. (spanish/mexican/ gang - as always ;))

We were drinking, and playing "kings" (which I will never play again.. hahaha)

Than Saturday there was a foam party close to Tunis - the famous foamparty in Hammamet. Cool! :)
Sunday was just chilling and BBQ, farewell of some of the inerns. sad day ... :( But i got some of the insides of the inerns lives... and i just hope i didn't ruin J.'s reputation a lot ... i can't help, when ppl ask me about life in Geneva... :D

And Monday went to Carthago and Sidi Bou Said. Beautiful.

It was great fun, and very very nice to see Julia again ;)

Some - public - photos:

Monday, July 27, 2009

Màshol nem lelsz hàzat, hazàt...

It seems October is my date... it has been always a turning point for me.. don't get it...

I am on youtube... and Eszter showed me this song from Szandi - yes... that teenage girl from the 80'2-90's. Now she grew up, and tis song is just soo moving...

"There are stilll bigger miracles then dreams waitnig for you..."

"You could live anywhere, there is still magic,
but you could feel, it's only a beautiful delusion..."

Képzeld, hogy szállhatsz,
és száz földet bejárhatsz…
Nincs társad más, csak a szél…
Képzeld, hogy szállhatsz,
és minden szépet láthatsz,
de a legszebb út hazatér…

Várnak rád álmoknál nagyobb csodák,
fény vár az árnyak közt, ha szíved jól lát.
Várnak rád többen, mint kívánhatnád;
máshol nem lelsz házat, hazát.

Élhetnél bárhol, van még varázs,
de éreznéd százszor: csak szép csalás.
Távolról visszatérnél, visszaálmodnál,
látnád, hogy több az otthon minden mámornál,
minden múlt bent él, bent fáj.
Hozzád bújt sok tél, sok nyár…

Képzeld, hogy szállhatsz,
az ég ma téged választ.
Ha társad nincs, mennyit ér?
Képzeld, hogy szállhatsz,
fent megkapsz minden választ;
ahol indultál, ott a cél.

Várnak rád álmoknál nagyobb csodák,
lesz út a kincsedhez, ha szíved jól lát.
Várnak rád jobban, mint kívánhatnád;
máshol nem lelsz házat, hazát…

Élhetnél bárhol, van még varázs,
de éreznéd százszor: csak szép csalás.
Távolról visszatérnél, visszaálmodnál,
látnád, hogy több az otthon minden mámornál,
minden múlt bent él, bent fáj.
Hozzád bújt sok tél, sok nyár…